Toasted Coconut Porter

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Inspired by the rich, creamy taste of coconut and the lush beauty of tropical landscapes, I embarked on a design adventure that would transport beer lovers to an island getaway with every sip.

From the outset, I envisioned illustrations that would capture the essence of the beer's namesake ingredient: toasted coconut. Drawing inspiration from tropical themes and vibrant colors, I crafted illustrations that evoked the feeling of warm sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, with playful nods to coconuts scattered throughout.

Each illustration was meticulously crafted, with attention to detail paid to every palm leaf and cracked  coconut. The color palette was carefully chosen to reflect the vibrant hues of a tropical sunset, adding depth and dimension to the label design.

The end result? A label that not only showcases the delicious flavor profile of the beer but also transports consumers to a tropical oasis with its whimsical illustrations and vibrant colors. With Toasted Coconut Porter in hand, beer enthusiasts can embark on a sensory journey to paradise with every sip.

A lineup of Explorium cans
Toasted Coconut Porter Design